West Coast Foods

West Coast Foods

27 Main Street
Prestwick, South Ayrshire
West Coast Foods Butcher Shop in Prestwick, Ayrshire with local and UK-wide food delivery service


West Coast Foods is a Scottish, award-winning, Master Butchers' shop in Prestwick, Ayrshire which, in addition to serving local customers in their shop, provide a local and UK-wide food delivery service and take online orders via their website.

West Coast Foods supreme quality produce ranges from classic Scottish dishes like beef olives, haggis, scotch pies, Stornoway black pudding and Lorne Sausages, through to their exclusive 'Skinni' range of low fat, low calorie, high protein and gluten-free meat products which do not compromise on taste. West Coast Foods also serve and deliver the very finest wild Scottish venison, sourced from local roe deer stalkers in Ayrshire.

At West Coast Foods our ethos is all about quality and service, we strive to bring the finest local Scotch produce directly to our customers, produce that has been butchered and prepared by our award-winning team. All our great produce can be dispatched fresh & chilled within 24 hours of your ordering, throughout both the UK and Europe.

Here at West Coast Foods we promise to serve you with a smile and put you, our valued customer, first. We commit to selling local Scottish meat of the highest quality, from farms that care about the produce they raise. Our Master butchers promise to treat that produce with the utmost respect and prepare it for the table using time-honoured traditional methods made efficient for the modern world.

We believe that knowledge, education and understanding are essential in helping the modern cook to learn so many of the vital skills that have been lost. We want to share our experience to make your mealtimes a better place; with recipes, cooking tips and advice.

A return to old-fashioned values does not have to be a step backwards, so we promise to keep our range fresh and exciting with continual ideas and innovation. Today’s world doesn’t fit in the past and we understand that each generation has very different and individual needs from those gone before.


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Mon-Sat, 7am-5pm. Closed Sundays.